yogi be nimble

yesterday there was an earthquake reported that rocked toronto (canada) and some folks as far as new york felt the shake.  earthquakes are a great reminder that even when you think you have a solid foundation, that too can shift in the matter of an instant.  there are bigger things in the world and universe that can affect our daily rigmarole, so stay nimble and flexible, avoid locking your mind or joints into rigid positions. with a little micro-bend you can actually grow stronger.

brain bootcamp

the brain is an amazing organ, explored throughout history, yet still very mysterious. there are two halves, one more logical and other more creative.  regardless if you are a lefty or righty (in terms of which side the brain tends to dominate your thoughts), some days it’s hard to stay focused on the present, due to excitement or anxiety about events to come or what has already happened, the mind more often than not wanders to the future and the past. 

today, my intent is to spend more time in the present even if that means just a few minutes at a time.

karma conductor

this early monday i was happily surprised to have my favorite subway conductor, who truly is a karma yogi at heart.  he pays it forward to each and every straphanger with friendly announcements like ‘welcome back from the weekend’ and ‘have an amazing morning,’ bringing smiles to groggy commuters as we mentally prepare for the workweek.

when it comes down to the most simple description, karma is very much in line with the scientific law of energy - in that yogis and scientists alike believe that what you put in is what you get out of an experience.  today, put in a smile and see what you (or the folks around you) will go out of it.

simple steps to finding self solace

solace, according to the all-knowing duo merriam and webster, means a source of relief. today i looked to my yoga practice to find my own solace.  here it is in a nutshell:

1-stand in tadansana (or if you are already exhausted from a day of running around, recline in svasana)
2-take a deep inhale through your nose
3-make fists with your hands, curl up your toes, scrunch your face, tense you shoulders (stick with me there is a method to the madness)
4-hold everything tight like you are frozen in time for 5 seconds
5-release everything, your breath, your limbs, soften your face, let your toes and fingers relax, shoulders slide down your back, let our a little groan/yelp/etc. that might be pent up from the day
6-come back to your breath, see if you are now able to inhale more deeply and exhale longer now that the tension has been released
7-taking the next 5-10 minutes to yourself, do nothing but focus on each breath (one inhale, one exhale at a time)

if dr. seuss opted for yoga instead of green eggs & ham

i like doing yoga!
i do!! i like it, yogi-i-am!
and i would yoga on a boat!
and i would yoga with a goat
and i will do yoga in the rain.
and in the dark. and on a plane.
and on a car. and in a tree.
asanas are so goodm so goodm you see!

so i will yoga in a box.
and i will yoga with a fox.
and i will yoga in a house.
and i will yoga with a mouse.
and i will yoga here and there.
say! i will yoga ANYWHERE!

i do so like
thank you!
thank you,

take the local & meet yourself

use your daily commute as a daily meditation.  whether you’re walking or riding the train with the rest of the strap-hangers, leave a few minutes early and take the local route.  everything else in life is always about doing it faster, but see what happens if you slow it down instead.  enjoy your breath and the energy of the people surrounding you as you allow your mind to be a peace and your thoughts to drift in and then away without holding on to stress or worries about your day.  stay in the moment and practice just being.

pizza can be really healthy

beware of patterns, try something new, even it is just a variation of one of your norms!  i’m going to test out this delicious pizza crust recipe, but first i need to get a dehydrator…

raw pizza crust

2 cups sprouted buckwheat
2 1/2 cups sunflower seeds, soaked 30-45 minutes
1/4 cup sundried tomatoes
1 red pepper, pureed
3/4 cup carrot, pureed
1 1/2 cups ground golden flax
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 cup to 3/4 cup sundried tomato soaking water
1 tsp dried oregano
salt and pepper to taste

asana abs

sadie nardini in core plank

in yoga it’s less about getting a six-pack and more about building internal strength within your core.  think about your mid section muscles as a corset, the stronger your ab muscles are, the better support you will be able to provide for your back, posture and even your continence (yes, as in you can avoid the diaper situation in old age). 

to connect to your center (literally and figuratively), work your arms and engage your abdominal muscles, hold core plank (like sadie in this pic) for 5 breaths and then do the other side (so you’re even). 

next, try this core plank while bending your back knee so that it almost touches the ground, while scooping your tailbone under and tucking your low ribs to create more space.  and always, always, always, remember to breathe, oh and smile.