unconventional workout equipment in the everyday



consider your body your built-in strength equipment.  if you are looking to mix up your exercise routine, take a look at your surroundings to see what other places and objects in your daily routine you can utilize.


these are the ‘stairmasters’ in my world that help keep my glutes toned.


(the indoor stairs are those on my journey up/down to @stralayoga and the ones outdoors are at the park across the street from my apartment!)

learning to breathe and be ok in each moment regardless of its awkwardness is the true test of understanding yoga.  not every moment has to be perfect or even happy, just being comfortable in your own skin while each situation happens is truly the ultimate challenge.  honor the events that resonate, touching your heart and let go of the others that were tough but that you got through.  time never stands still and even when you feel stuck, remember time will bring you to your next adventure.

it’s tasty tuesday!

spice up your morning monotony with different breakfast eats!  my new fave is a slice of yoga bread toasted with some apple butter (no sugar added). 

this bread tastes yummy, without the worry of hydrogenated blablahblahs or any high fructose corn syrup. 

(these are the actual ingredients:  whole wheat flour, water, cranberries, whole rye flour, wheat gluten, cold pressed corn oil, yeast, cultured wheat flour, wheat bran, oat fiber, sea salt, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, millet, flaxseed, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, barley malt, vinegar, natural enzyme)

and of course i love the name, but i would eat it even if it was called my another :)

headstand is considered the king of asanas.  whether you are a beginner or a yogi that’s been practicing for a lifetime, dedicate your headstand efforts to the king in your life - your dad, grandpa, and/or other important male mentor in honor of father’s day (it’s on sunday, 6/20). 

this illustration give a great way to work into headstand (sirsasana) where you work yourself into a little egg shape and then just work on really drawing into your core so that your legs can lift.  hovering your tootsies only a few inches off the ground is actually the most challenging part!  once you feel really strong in your hover, you can try bringing the legs up together or one by one. 

if you are working on lifting your feet at the same time, place a yoga block between your calves so that you can overly exaggerate the sensation of drawing your legs together and hugging the midline of your body.  then practice lifting your legs to hover with the block.  lower back down and try again, this time trying to draw your legs up while keeping them straight.  slowly work your way to raising your legs higher.

remember: less ego, more breath.  yoga is an evolution of the body, mind and breath - not a revolution of gymnastic moves.

find your balance off the mat by eating whole foods.  yes, you can find these at wholefoods, the store, but what i really mean when i type whole foods is to opt for food that looks like it does in its natural state.  for example, opt for a potato instead of the chip.  yes, prep time might take a little longer than simply opening a bag, but your body will thank you and you can use the prep time as a meditation dedicated to your health and well being.

tips for on-the-go eating:  if you can’t make your own food, look for freshly made food. if you can’t see the whole food that it is in it, choose by the label with 5 or less ingredients, and don’t eat anything you can’t pronounce or somehow got hydrogenated.

it’s the little things.  i am super excited about my new klean kanteen bottle!  it’s insulated for keeping drinks as hot or cold as a i want them so i’ll be hydrated and happy all year round! plus it’s smaller than my sigg so less lugging, i’ll just have to make pit stops for refills a little more often, but that’s just part of my plan to stay mindful of my liquid intake each day.