headstand is considered the king of asanas.  whether you are a beginner or a yogi that’s been practicing for a lifetime, dedicate your headstand efforts to the king in your life - your dad, grandpa, and/or other important male mentor in honor of father’s day (it’s on sunday, 6/20). 

this illustration give a great way to work into headstand (sirsasana) where you work yourself into a little egg shape and then just work on really drawing into your core so that your legs can lift.  hovering your tootsies only a few inches off the ground is actually the most challenging part!  once you feel really strong in your hover, you can try bringing the legs up together or one by one. 

if you are working on lifting your feet at the same time, place a yoga block between your calves so that you can overly exaggerate the sensation of drawing your legs together and hugging the midline of your body.  then practice lifting your legs to hover with the block.  lower back down and try again, this time trying to draw your legs up while keeping them straight.  slowly work your way to raising your legs higher.

remember: less ego, more breath.  yoga is an evolution of the body, mind and breath - not a revolution of gymnastic moves.