karmatube - watch the change you wish to be. then be it.

karma.  the actions you choose today, plant your karmic seeds that will blossom tomorrow (or some other time further down the line).  by making positive, thoughtful and kind choices today (read: living yogically), you help pave the road ahead, reducing the drama and negativity and setting yourself up for the good stuff.  these positive effects can also give you the opportunity to help the people around you, to inspire or simply make someone's day. 

for me, perspective on the world (and people in it) always helps to put things into place when i feel a little out of sorts, or that what i do doesn't have any signficance (hey, somedays we all get kind of down and out, right?). checkout karmatube.com if you need a kickstart today.

karmatube.com is exactly what you think it might be - gandhi meets youtube.com.  built on the foundation of human kindness, the volunteer-run team has created a channel (if you will) for those looking to contribute in meaningful ways to the world around them.

now, what's better than that?  hopefully this post leaves warm, fuzzy and appreciative of the life you live right :) 

definitely check out the videos for yourself - they are all so amazing! here one is one of my faves: