supta powers

supta is the sanskrit term commonly used in asana to refer to poses when you are reclining, as in when you are on your back, like in supta baddha konasana (reclining goddess pose) and supta virasana, but what about supta bakasana (reclining crow pose)?  or supta adho mukha vrksasana (reclining handstand)? or supta adho mukha svanasana (reclining down dog)? 

the yoga lesson:  my teacher, alison west, has taught me about flipping poses around in relation to gravity; finding the same shape of the pose but turing it sideways, around and even upside down. 

try bakasana on your back!  while it eliminates the fear of falling, it also intensitifies (read: strengthens like crazy) the poses for the muscles that help stabilize you in the pose -  your abs and your back!  then after you practice this reclining version, turn it around and try it the other way.  you'll find each pose to have its own separate challenges and comforts.