find your focus in just a minute

it really makes my day when i read a business article that is peppered with how yoga and mediation can help in the workplace! recently fast company posted an article titled, 'how to reverse your hard wiring for distraction.' as one who can get easily lured away by shiny objects, this was a must read for me. (so if you're like me, take a few minutes to read the full article.)

"The good news is that even a minor increase in your capacity for presence can have a major effect on those around you. Because so few of us are ever fully present, if you can manage even a few moments of full presence from time to time, you’ll make quite an impact."

"...presence is a learnable skill that can be improved with practice and patience. Being present means simply having a moment-to-moment awareness of what’s happening. It means paying attention to what’s going on rather than being caught up in your own thoughts."

here is the one minute exercise (also known as a meditation practice, but I think they did a great job of making it not seem like meditation as to not scare away non-yogis/meditators):

  • find a quiet(er) place.
  • set a timer for one minute.
  • close your eyes.
  • choose your focus - pick one of the following: 
  1. the sounds around you - “Imagine that your ears are satellite dishes, passively and objectively registering sounds.”
  2. your breath - "Imagine that your breath is someone you want to give your full attention to."
  3. the sensations in your toes - do a mental scan of how your physica body feel, don't get caught up, just take note, being the observer.