take only what you need

yoga is a philosophical approach to life that goes beyond the physical asana practice on the mat.  sometimes i forget this, when i am so consumed with 'getting to yoga class' that i lose sight of the other 7 of the 8 limbs that make up yoga, the yamas being one of those. the yamas basically give you guidelines for 'playing nice with others,' or in other words, how to be a good human to the rest of society.  among the yamas there are two less talked about ones (or at least i don't think of them as much, probably because they are harder to pronounce) - asteya (non-stealing) and aparagraha (non-possessiveness). so when i saw this quote,

 "there is no need to build a mansion when all you need is a house."

it really resonated with me, because it makes an easy, concrete example for me to wrap my thoughts around - take only what you need in life, and that is precisely one of the main takeaways i get from the yamas.

(click 'take only what you need' for a funny take on this idea - thanks to princess vespa of spaceballs.)