's like riding a bicycle

ever get to a point in a yoga class when your teacher gives you some 'crazy' pose that you've attempted maybe only once and it was ages ago and you think to yourself, i'll never be able to do that?

well, it's like what i've said before and i am saying -er, typing- it again; yoga is an evolution not a revolution.  so think of your yoga practice like riding a bike, it may seem tricky - near impossible - at first, but after lots of practice, a few tumbles and some wobbly moments, you'll get that pose and then you'll have it for life. so next time you find yourself struggling, just remember it will get better every time, so if it's tough for you do it more often and it will be just like finding ease in other poses like downward facing dog and even chaturanga.

you can only do what you can do. 

so embrace the little-engine-that-could's mantra,"i think i can, i know i can'" and you will!

(a special thanks to nadya and her tuesday night strala class for inspiring this post.)