yoga for heart health

great news!  there is more medical research proving what many of us already know - yoga does your body - and your heart - good!


"There are currently no proven complementary therapies [besides yoga] that are known to help decrease the symptoms of atrial fibrillation in a noninvasive fashion with minimal side effects and reasonable safety and efficacy."  -Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, M.D.

Dr. lakkireddy performed a 3-month yoga intervention, studying the effects of yoga on 49 patients with irregular heartbeats (specifically, those with atrial fibrillation).  the results of this yoga experiment showed a decrease in the occurence of irregularities.  the patients also self-reported an overall improvement in wellness - mentally, physcially and emotionally.

in short, big points were scored for yoga in this study!

for more fancy medical words and specific details, check out these articles: huffington post article and the university of kansas hospital.