tips to try on your yoga mat

feeling overwhelmed by starting a self-practice?  not sure how to begin?

try these tips for a fresh jumpstart to your yoga practice:

  1. make yoga time, quiet time - whether you're teaching a group or simply alone in a room with your mat.  quiet the verbal and mental chatter, bring your focus inward.
  2. get movin' - try to link your breath pose-to-pose as you move from inhale to exhale.  your breath and your movement will warm you up and get out the crunchiness. 
  3. take a breather (read: a mini meditation midway-through) - have a seat, close your eyes, come back to your breath. notice if it's gotten out of whack, then bring it back. slow it down, breathe it in, let it out.  see if you can release a little more on your exhale than your inhale. repeat.
  4. bring the spotlight internal - forget the 'to do' lists, what appointments or meetings you have that day, what you forgot to do.  really make your mat time, just that, time on your mat.  if it's not happening on the mat, right then and there, let it go.

got a tip?  share it in the comments because remember, sharing is caring!