how i beat yogi's block

in a sentence, i beat yogi's block with the 10 minute gift and an ipod app.

(note:  yogi's block is the yoga equivalent of writer's block)

bogged down by other projects, life and the need to sleep in, until a few days ago i admit i have been a yoga slacker for about a month or two.  although i was still teaching during this time, i was finding less time for my self-practice, whether it was finding time to get to a class or making some space for my home practice. 

then my answer came to me (*cue singing angels*)  last week in a webinar with amy ippoliti, when she recommended following john friend's advice - allow yourself a 'ten minute gift' to practice yoga each day

the second part of the solution was another tool amy suggested - an app.  so i went online and searched the app store for yoga timer - an app to keep track of my time on the mat.  it's super easy, you just set how long you'd like to hold each pose and then do not have to think about it, simply listen for the ding.  it alsoworks while you are playing your regular itunes' jams (read: win, win).

so i took her advice and my week, with those ten minutes added in each day, has ended so much better than it started!  each day i have committed to a ten minute practice and most days, it has morphed into a much longer session.  i also took another suggestion from a fellow webinar student - practice in your pjs.  so now i get up in the morning (even if i am running late) and get down to my yoga for at least ten minutes.  it has really helped remove my yogi's block. 

my self-practice has become a time where i explore new sequencing that i can then share with my students, it also helps me work out my grumpiness (read: i am not naturally the most chipper morning person).  

yoga lesson:  take the time each day for you to make your own practice, even if you can only squeeze in a few minutes.  because a few minutes are so much better than no minutes at all.