s.e.a.t. (stop everything and think)


tinybuddha (one of my fave sites for pointers on navigating life's waters) posted about the concept of s.w.e.a.t - stop everything and think.  so before your week gets away from you, try it. 

stop everything and think.

who's calling the shots?
are you just playing follow the leader or are you making your own conscious choices?
what's stressing you?
is it really that stressful?
how can you make it less so?

this post is not meant to overwhelm you, but just to help you take a moment to take a look at the big picture and see if you are still heading in the direction you had planned.  and if it is not necessarily the route you planned, that's a-ok as long as it's where you want to be right here, right now...

take it easy, enjoy this oldie-but-a goodie-video.  you have the rest of the week ahead of you :)