personal happiness


noun \ˈha-pē-nəs\
a state of well-being and contentment

happiness can often seem vague, ambiguous, and if you think too hard on it, just the opposite of its intended meaning.  truth be told, happiness means different things to different people.  so when you are seeking inner happiness, try not to compare your personal level based on how others around you are feeling or what they have.  and remember, everything you have and need is already within you.  and if that is still too much to take in today, just breathe, get out of your head and onto your yoga mat - it'll help you reconnect to your physical body.  practicing conscious movement through yoga will get your thoughts back into the present and the physical movement will release endorphins (euphoric chemicals in your brain).  endorphins make you happy.  et voila, yoga makes you happy - there you have it :)