forget the heels, yoga will make you taller even when you're barefoot

fashion week in nyc has just come to an end and i bet there are some happier feet because of it - now that they are able to step out of those high heels (and hopefully onto the yoga mat).  if you want trade in the stilettos for a more rewarding method to grow-taller-in-seconds, take it from tadasana (mountain pose) - yoga, not the runway. 

easy steps for instant height-enhancement via yoga:

  1. stand firmly on both feet.
    how do you know if you're doing this?  make sure that you are actively and evenly pressing down on both the front and back of your foot as well as the inside and out.  think of your foot as having four corners if you need to drive home that point with a visual.  also, make sure that you are not clenching your precious tootsies, allow some room between each phalange.
  2. draw up your knee caps.
    by simply thinking about pulling up your knees you are activating your quads (the big thigh muscles on the front of your legs), which will give your stance more stability.
  3. slightly tuck in your booty.
    rather than thinking about sucking in your gut (everyone has guts, i'm not implying anything else), think less booty - as in if you find yourself sticking it out, reign it in by tucking it under a little instead of advertising your blessings.
  4. shrug your shoulders, then release them down, letting your collar bones widen.
    do what your mama told you - shoulders back.  if you find that you hunch over a lot, this simple step will work wonders - be proud, stand tall and let that heart of yours shine.  remember, hunching over doesn't make you warmer, it just makes you look, well, silly.
  5. tilt your chin down slightly.
    this minute adjustment will help to lengthen the back of your neck (read: making it look longer/taller).
  6. tuck your low ribs in just a smidge.
    similar to the tilt of the chin, do the same with your lower ribs.  this little tuck will help to elongate the back of your spine. elongate = lengthen = appear taller - i think you are grasping the concept now...
  7. breathe.
    take full conscious breaths (read: try to be aware of breathing in and then out, even if you can only commit your focus for a minute).  if you stop breathing, you will pass out, which means you won't be able to stand anymore and therefore you will appear shorter.  hence, breathing helps you look your tallest.