thanksgiving, a daily gratitude practice

thanksgiving beyond the history of pilgrims and indians is really about gratitude. and although we celebrate it every november here in the u.s. it's really something you can do each and everyday by simply acknowledging and appreciating what you have. in short, being grateful for your life.

"a growing body of research shows that gratitude is truly amazing in its physical and psychosocial benefits." (check out this huffington post article that is backed by scientific studies.)

i stumbled upon this beta site,, in which anyone can sign up for a free gratitude journal.  they encourage you to make an entry everyday and they stress that you should do your best not to skip a day.  i just signed up so i'll have to report back to let you know how it goes, but it looks like there are options to share your posts with friends, etc.

the yoga lesson:  yoga is practice and how you practice is more often than not how you end up playing in the 'real' game of life.  in addition to practicing postures and meditation, practicing gratitude can help really put everything into perspective.