learn about yourself without reinventing the wheel

a big part of yoga is learning more about your own self.  but instead of creating your own 'wheel' learn from what others have already created, so you can just make yours smoother, faster, better in less time.  try reading some of the ancient yogic texts - they are oldies, but goodies.  the yoga sutras, although short in actuality are packed with meaning and guidance that apply even to the present day.

here's an inspiring quote i came across in my recent studies:

"the goal of yoga is to encourage us to be a little better than we were before. we become better by making an effort and by practicising patience. when we do this we will not see ourselves as beset by so many problems. our efforts may change in intensity, but oer a period of time we will gradually experience progress. we must actively seize every opportunity that helps us to progress."

(tkv desikachar - heart of yoga)