yoga vs. jogging

when i first saw this cartoon on a postcard (promoting a swank fundraiser in nyc), it made me smile and giggle.  captured by well-known cartoonist,  david sipress, who has had his sketches in the new yorker (magazine), i felt like it really did capture the shift in how folks portray a healthy lifestyle. for decades new yorkers have been known to run, the more stressed you are, the more you run, and with little room to play ball or other sports in our concrete jungle, jogging seemed to work. 

luckily, yoga is perfect for city living too!  it requires little space and it's nicer to your joints than pounding the pavement everyday, regardless how bouyant and shock-absorbing those sneaks might be.  think you need to run like forrest (gump) to get your cardio workout?  think again.  going upside down in yoga (read: inversion) can satiate your heart-pumping fix, plus it allows blood to flow more easily back to the heart from your tootsies in addition to more blood to that noggin of yours.  yay for yoga!