celebrate your yoga birthday

if you can remember the day or maybe just the month that you ventured onto the mat for the first time (or if you are planning to) mark it in your calendar as your yoga birthday! 

this september i'm officially seven yoga years old!  as the weather has begun to change to cooler temps, i am reminded of my first yoga class.  although i don't know the actual date, i do remember it was in the fall in 2003, i had taken one or two classes prior and stretched for team sports and dabbled in some gymnastics, but this class was when i chose to really begin my path into the world of yoga.  before i started my yoga practice, when i would get really worked up/upset about something i would lose my breath, now that yoga has been in my life, i always now where my breath is even if everything else is out of whack.

so mark your calendar and take the time to reflect when you started on your yoga path and celebrate how far you've come - not only in what poses you can do now, but how your relationship with yourself has developed.

how many yoga years old are you?