water yoga & other ways to keep your cool

the entire country is experiencing a major heatwave this week, with some recording breaking temperatures.

here are a few tips to keep your cool even when nature heats up:

  1. conserve energy - shut off the 'lights' in your mind that might be drawing more power than necessary.  allow yourself to be more conscious of your movements and actions - a calm mind will also help calm the body - you may even sweat less because of it.
  2. hydrate before you need to - if you are already feeling thirsty, that means you need to be drinking more water.  if the idea of drinking another glass of water bores you so much that you'd rather be a dried apricot - try some other thirst-quenching options like coconut water (packed with more electrolytes than gatorade and made with natural ingredients), watermelon (containing licopenes, like those found in tomatoes, that even have an extra superpower of warding off prostate cancer), or cucumbers (which are made up of mostly water, so eat the skin for some added nutritional value).
  3. keep it light - as in your wardrobe, opt for natural fibers like cotton, hemp, silk, linen and bamboo - even if they sound too crunchy granola for your taste, these natural breathable materials will allow you to sweat (yes, that will still happen and sweating is good - it's your body's version of ac), but also allow your skin to breathe.  so stay away from 'poly' and 'esther' and their other synthetic friends.
  4. water down your workout - try taking a less vigorous routine on super hot days, your body is already working overtime from the heat or add water to the mix!  try some water yoga, laps in the pool, a little sprinkler fun (or for those in nyc - fire hydrants) or maybe even slip-n-slide!