being a #yogatard

inspired by the recent article featured on profiling the lovely jennilyn from yogadork, "yoga's serious. except when it's not, " i write this post today. 

i would like to propose coining a new hashtag for twitter - #yogatard to categorize moments on the mat that are silly, perhaps embarassing or just awkward, so that your tweeting kula can share in the laughs and makes you feel semi-normal knowing that these things happen to all yogis.

examples of being a #yogatard:

  • fartasana - this one is pretty self-explanatory
  • wobblasana - falling over in balancing poses or just in general
  • divasana - freestlying in class, being a diva and choosing your own pose (whether that be on purpose, or accidentally)
  • snorasana - not only falling asleep in svasana, but snoring during it
  • solomasana - omming too long; you know, when you stop and realize you are the only one still omming
  • munchiasana - post yoga munchies

disclaimer:  #yogatard does not poke fun at physically or mentally disabled persons, rather it is just a suggested way of describing less-than-graceful moments on your yoga mat.