free your mind and your hips will follow

"free your mind and your hips will follow."  yesterday someone was sporting a tank in class with this very statement.  it appeared to be a top from a local bikram studio and although i don't usually practice bikram style i do think the top made a lot of sense in such few words. it's also one of my favorite en vogue songs (am i dating myself here?).

the moral of the story:  get out of your own way. 

if you do less thinking and more doing, the rest will happen on its own.  it's when you are constantly hung up in your thoughts rather than living in the moment that you build mental and physical roadblocks for yourself.  for example, when i practice forearmstand, the calmer and less analytical my mind is, the easier it is for me to go upside down.  now my challenge is once i get up there, to remember that same calm mind.  

treat your yoga practice as an evolution not a revolution.