simple steps to finding self solace

solace, according to the all-knowing duo merriam and webster, means a source of relief. today i looked to my yoga practice to find my own solace.  here it is in a nutshell:

1-stand in tadansana (or if you are already exhausted from a day of running around, recline in svasana)
2-take a deep inhale through your nose
3-make fists with your hands, curl up your toes, scrunch your face, tense you shoulders (stick with me there is a method to the madness)
4-hold everything tight like you are frozen in time for 5 seconds
5-release everything, your breath, your limbs, soften your face, let your toes and fingers relax, shoulders slide down your back, let our a little groan/yelp/etc. that might be pent up from the day
6-come back to your breath, see if you are now able to inhale more deeply and exhale longer now that the tension has been released
7-taking the next 5-10 minutes to yourself, do nothing but focus on each breath (one inhale, one exhale at a time)