asana abs

sadie nardini in core plank

in yoga it’s less about getting a six-pack and more about building internal strength within your core.  think about your mid section muscles as a corset, the stronger your ab muscles are, the better support you will be able to provide for your back, posture and even your continence (yes, as in you can avoid the diaper situation in old age). 

to connect to your center (literally and figuratively), work your arms and engage your abdominal muscles, hold core plank (like sadie in this pic) for 5 breaths and then do the other side (so you’re even). 

next, try this core plank while bending your back knee so that it almost touches the ground, while scooping your tailbone under and tucking your low ribs to create more space.  and always, always, always, remember to breathe, oh and smile.