go without, discover within

whether you are traveling and are taken away from your normal routine like your yoga practice, or find distance in a relationship that was once close, or some other figurative wrench life has thrown into your well laid out plans, instead of literally freaking out, take the time to go within. 

similar to your yoga practice on the mat, observe how you are feeling; rather than judge or tear yourself down, just be with your thoughts.  remember that by staying present you can turn negatives into positives, or at the very least into neutrals. 

often times what is happening around you is a reflection of the vibes, emotions, decisions that you make within, but the only thing you have absolute control over is your present.  so be with it and make it what you truly want it to be, one moment at a time. use each moment as a chance to start anew, no history, no future.  by living each moment individually, you'll find each day richer in experience and you'll find the real you.