klutchbox - a monthly subscription of yoga goodies

last year kicked off a new business model of subscription-based monthly programs where you can sign up to get goodies in the mail each month, with categories that run the gammut from beauty products to shirts for guys, and now even more have surfaced, including klutchbox that made its initial debut in april.  while the name initially through me off (i've never heard a yogi call anything 'klutch' before), the box didn't disappoint. 

here's what was in my klutchbox:

  • a yoga workout dvd from Kristin McGee (who got her start from her MTV yoga dvds and now works with celebrities like bethenny frankel). the dvd has a few different sequences and is definitely accessible for even yogi beginners - sending this one on to my mom!
  • $25 coupon to Hyde yoga clothing - tapping into my bargain shopper, this $25 coupon code (sorry folks, I can't share this one) is a flat $25 off, no minimums.  already a fan of hyde yoga, the nyc-based yogawear company, now it's just a question of what i'd like to add to my yoga wardrobe.
  • a to-go packet of hydrive - a new energizing drink mix that's supposed to kickstart your workout.  i typically stick to (coconut) water and shy away from brightly (usually artifically) colored drinks, so this one i shared with the bf who likes his water flavored.  no complaints so i can say it passed his 'mikey likes it test.'
  • a 'juice box' of Zico coconut water - i never met a coconut water i didn't like and i've had me many a zico before, so i was happy to have an extra one in my fridge!
  • 3 tea bags of Tea Forte - the variety green tea blends, each with a unique flavor (cherry marzipan, honey and cucumber mint) have made delicious iced teas.  plus, these soothing teas are loaded with plant based anti-oxidants for healthy skin.
  • a mini-bottle of shea terra organics black soap - this liquid soap has officially made into my yoga bag for post-class cleansing and i love it!  it's natural and organic and it works without drying out my skin. until now i thought black soap was only available in bar form, so i'm pleasantly surprised that's not the case anymore.
  • a bottle of Barlean’s Organic Oils omega swirl - i was the most skeptical of this 'goodie.' yes, i know everything in the bottle was really great nutritionally, but i was kind of squeamish about taking the recommended 2 teaspoons for oil that included fish oil, even if it was mango peach flavored.  thankfully, it was not fishy at all and has made it easier for me to swallow on a more regular basis. so if you need to amp up your intake of omegas i'd recommended starting with a bottle of this stuff.
  • a couple of snacks from enjoy life foods - the seed and fruit snack mix was pretty cool since it doesn't contain any nuts that folks are most commonly allergic to.  the plentil chips i was as big of a fan of (a potato-y chip made from lentils), but i definitely consider keeping the seed and fruit snack mixes in my bag.
  • a Kind Bar: i've been a fan of kind bars for several years, so i was happy to give their Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Protein Bar a taste.  it's also loaded with Calcium, Iron and Fiber.

the yogadeal: for a subscription that will run you $18/month or less (if you commit for 3 months it's $17/month and for a year it's only $16/month) you will recieve a box of goodies from the klutchclub valued at $50+, that's packed with new and fun yoga-minded goodies.  a great gift option for yourself and for yogis in your life.  plus, you get it in the mail - who doesn't like getting packages in the mail?!

disclaimer:  i received my first klutchbox with compliments of the klutchclub to review for my readers. free or not, my opinion is my opinion and my review is my review :)