paint for the toes, that doesn't cost an arm or a leg....

as a yoga teacher, keeping my tootsies pampered is part of the job (or at least that is how i justify pedicures).  between pro treatments (since i tend to get those far and few between), i paint my own toenails on a more regular basis.  and as an ingredient snob, when it comes to beauty products I require that my nail polish be free of the three worst ingredients (which are still commonly found in many brands out there - check those labels!):  toulene, formaldehyde and dbp.  trust me you don't want these 'guys' on your nails (read no more dirty looks to get the low down on why).

anywho, long story longer.... today while browsing my new favorite tj maxx location (broad st & wall st - fidi/nyc), i stumbled upon a 7-pack of neon colored polish from l.a. colors and was super excited by two facts: (1) the polishes were toluene, formaldehyde and dbp free and (2) the whole 7-pack was only $6.99 (read: a buck a bottle - score!!!!).

i now look forward to a very colorful season. 

the yogadeal:  tj maxx has begun carrying more beauty products that have natural ingredients, so make sure to check out your local store to save without sacrificing the quality of the ingredients in your products!