yoga cures for budget-friendly wellness

a pose a day keeps the doc away.  with healthcare costs on the rise, there is no better time than now to start being more proactive in your selfcare.  yoga cures, the new book by my yoga pal, tara stiles, launches today (personal shoutout: congrats!!!).  per tara's style, the book shows you how yoga is really the cure-all for anything that might be eating at you, all in her uncomplicated, straight forward way. she has created simple sequences that remedy everything from a broken heart to jiggly thighs to couch-stination.

when i asked what her favorite fix was in the book, tara replied, 'I like the Chill the *&@# out! cure... because it works!'

cool side note:  the book has tons of pics of poses - which happen to be the handywork of photog to the rockers (and husband of the bex - my pal!!!), justin borucki

the yogadeal:  for less than most co-pays, get yourself a guide to 50 yogic cures for common ailments.  starting today (april 3rd, 2012), yoga cures is now available on for $12.23 (reg. $17.99).