freebie: yoga teaching tools

like writers, sometimes yoga teachers can feel a block.  what's the cure?  more yoga of course. (yoga is always the answer -at least for me it is).

however, as this is the blog of a perpetual student, i look for inspiration and guidance from other teachers.  yoga teacher central is a new online hub for teachers that offers a broad spectrum from sample class sequences, and tips on adjustments to pranayama and yoga philosophy.

the yogadeal:  if you don't have the time (or mula -the green kind, not the bandha) to go back to yoga school, check out yoga teacher central has a completely free section, plus a free trial to 'asana digest'.  and lastly, there's an intro special on their monthly membership program (giving you more access to more good stuff) for $9.95/month (20% off the regular price through 5/30/2012).