stirrup socks - the legwarmer evolved

i'm not quite sure why baseball players wear stirrups, but it makes complete sense why a yogi would rock strappy versions of a sock.  you see, we need need the grip of our tooties and our bare heels as we get grounded in postures, but sometimes our ankles can get chilly.  i find stirrup socks even better than legwarmers because they stay put better and keep more of my foot (not just my leg) warm.  here are a few fun and noteworthy ones i stumbled upon:

these come in grey/black and are described a plush (not quite sure what that means...).

on sale for $26.60 from (reg. $38.00)






although super cute, this site only sells the pattern, but maybe it's worth a try. how many knitted hats do you really need anyway?

get the pattern for $7.50 and making knitting your post yoga class meditation.





ok, maybe i was saving the best bargain for last.  this shimmery pair is available at and they're made by jessica simpson (i know, i was pleasantly surprised too!).

 on sale for $9.95 at (reg. $12.00).