bundle up bargains

it officially feels like winter in nyc with the wind chill making it single digit chilly.  so obviously blankets during at the end of yoga class (savasana) are pretty much a requirement.  even during a home practice, it's important to keep your body warm during savasana, when it tends to drop as your body stills and cools.

here are a couple options on the cheap that you can also cozy up with if you are practicing couchasana:

theyogawarehouse.com offers a variety of blanket options, with their 'standard yoga blanket' on sale for $11.95.



rollingsandharmony.com has 'mat size mexican yoga blankets' on sale for $8.78, oley!




i haven't tested these blankets out, so just keep in mind that you might have to double up if you're using these for props, but if you're just looking for some warmth, these budget friendly blankies are a safe bet.