compose your yoga for 50 cents

whether you're headed back to class, like to write stuff down (or have to due to a short memory), and/or have a slight obsession for a tactile notebook despite all of the electronic gear you have (i might know something about this last one...), notebooks are fun-damental!

while i was rummaging through the aisles of target, pre-irene (read: hurricane in nyc) this weekend, i stumbled upon an end-cap full of composition notebooks and to my delight they were not only on sale, but college ruled (that's the smaller, more closely spaced lines folks).  quickly i picked up two (one in pink and one in yellow) to use for my upcoming teaching intensive, one i am dedicating to the yoga sutras and one to the yoga postures - in case you were wondering. 

since i've already started using said books, now all i can think about is going back to get more (don't judge me please, at least i'm honest).

the yogadeal:  old school composition notebooks are now on sale at target (in-store only, so get going!) for $0.50.  they might be even cheaper in certain areas, but this was the sale price in nyc, still a great deal in my world.