for those on the fence moments

as you may have guessed, i love me a bargain.  with that said, i also feel slighted when i discover that something has gone on sale just a wee while after i've splurged, (not trying to hold a grudge - really, i'm working on it...) and for a moment the inherent cheapo within twinges.  this has happened in the past on bigger purchases like electronics moreso than t-shirts or yoga mats, an area where i am less versed in the deal. 

thankfully, there is a new (and free) website,, that is here to lend a helping hand for the less tech-savvy among us that are still looking to get a new gadget, a camera (maybe one to shoot your yoga vids with) or even a tv (to watch all of those yoga dvds) without feeling ripped off.

the yogadeal: so you don't have to. simply, type in the electronic device you are contemplating, then click 'find.'  and similar to the ol' school magic 8-ball, you'll be instructed whether to 'buy' or 'wait.'  sometimes it feels good to let someone else decide, or at least offer a suggestion, or their two cents for no cents (read:  free).