pretty pedi products for yogitoes

barefeet are the equipment of choice when it comes to hitting the yoga mat.  whether you're teaching, taking class, or striking an impromptu pose in the park, here are some tried and tested products that i recommend you use on the regular to pamper your peds that give you some much support 24/7:

zoya nail polish - lots of fun colors to choose from, but made with nontoxic ingredients and has great stay-puttness (yes, that is now term) - that even if you wear open toed shoes daily your polished pedi will last you. ($6.15 a bottle)



peacekeeper-easy vegan nail polish remover - sometimes my tooties need a breather between paintings. i opt for this natural nail polish remover.  it really works with no noxious fumes, using the natural powers of sugar beets, rosemary and spearmint.  just saturate a cotton ball and then let it rest on your toenail for about 30 seconds before you start to rub it off.  that marination period really does the trick.  ($9.00 for 4oz)



 heeltastic - not a huge fan of 'as seen on tv' products, i have been pleasantly surprised by this super moisturizing balm that i stumbled upon at my last trip to bed, bath and beyond.  my fave part is that it actually comes in a twist up container (think deodorant stick), so you can quickly and easily moisturize your feet without your hands getting moisturized at same time (don't get me wrong, moisturizing your hands is great, i just get antsy when i am doing both hands and feet at the same time).  heeltastic has become part of my overnight routine - i moisturize and then pull on some cotton socks.  the balm is also made with some pretty decent ingredients, and has no parabens or artificial fragrance. ($9.99 for 2oz)


shobha rosewater freshening cloths - as you know (or you do now), i work at shobha, but i am also a huge fan of our freshening cloths - so much so that i stock up and bring a mini 50-count canister of them to my classes so i can wipe my feet off after teaching because even if the studio is shoe-free there could be some germs just waiting for your feet, also sometimes grime, dust, etc. can give you some dirty feet.  they're made with natural rose oi and safe ingredients that get the job done.  ($30 for 50 cloths)