wanderlust-meets-facebook-meets-american idol-esque contest

do you dream of being one of the celeb-yogis who teaches at the coveted wanderlust festival (the lovechild event of yoga and live music)?  with a rather spendy price tag, now you have the opportunity to be part of it without shelling out the cash and instead of attending you could be spotlighted to teach!

how to get in the running for wanderlust's next top yogi/ni:

  1. apply via facebook

  2. post a 1-2 minute long video on their wander wall telling and showing why you should teach at wanderlust 2011.  strike a pose, get all pretzely, walk on your hands (read:  strut your yoga skills). (if you have a video camera on your computer, you can record the video straight to the wall by clicking share: video and then clicking record a video with a webcam.)
  3. all entries must be in by midnight EST on march 17, 2011. 

  4. after you've pimped yourself out on their wall, then it's time for some shameless self-promotion.  have your friends "like" it. 

  5. the top 5 most 'liked' videos will be entered into a final round, where the wanderlust panelwill vote in a winner. 

REQUIREMENTS: you must be a certified yoga instructor with a minimum of 2 years' teaching experience to be considered.

the yogadeal (read:  the grand prize):  the winner will receive 2 free sage tickets (the 4-day yoga + music pass; each valued at $450) and 2 teaching slots (one on Saturday or Sunday) at wanderlust california or vermont (your choice!).  plus, they'll post your profile on the Wanderlust website alongside the other celeb-yogis in the lineup.  the winner will be announced March 21, 2011.