the young yogi handbook

true, many yoga poses bendy babies know how to innately do without instruction, but it is really exciting that so many youngins are now yogaing (read: taking yoga classes).  there are great orgs and companies popping up, like bent on learning, that are making yoga more avaialble to children in inner city schools, providing benefits on both the physical and mental level.

if you have a young yogi/yogini and/or you are hoping to introduce yoga to a little one in your world, then definitely check out peaceful warrior handbook:  how to be a good yogi.  created by a group of global yoga moms, this hand-drawn book outlines how to be a good human in the world (so yes, it would be great for adults to read too).

the yogadeal:  you can receive a free workshop template (to host your own tribe) when you purchase 10 or more handbooks.  the workshop includes an age-appropriate talk about healthy living.  these are a great event option for girl scouts gathering, after school programs - or even in school parties, etc.  with each handbook is only $9.99 it's a bargain, but if you buy in bulk you even get a discount on the price (as low as $3.99 each).