magical massage & moisture - it's in the oil

oil tends to get a bad wrap among mainstream america, whether it's slathering it on your skin or eating it in foods, people often think oil means oily skin and breakouts.  au contraire my friends.  oils are essential in what you eat and as topical treatments to keep your body soft and supple, not making it a grease ball.

then there's the art of massage, not only feels good on achy muscles, but it also is great for your lymphatic system and moving out celluar debris (read:  it helps elminate cellular trash).  so when you combine oil with your massage, you are doing yourself a huge multitasking favor. 

try giving yourself a daily massage when you get out of the shower (like a moist sponge vs. a dry sponge, your skin will absorb more moisture when it is damp).  lightly towel-dry, then sprinkle some oil on your hands, rub your hands together and then give yourself a rub down, working the oil into your body and the kinks out.

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