hibernate with some yoga via gaiam tv

thankfully the winter solstice is behind us, so we can look forward to the days getting longer, but the cold weather (at least in nyc) will still be with us for another few months.

*le sigh* 

during this time, i can gaurantee i'll be in hibernation mode - moving less, which usually means less yoga (because I don't want to go outside to get to the studio and teacher or not, i'm less motivated to kick my own 'asana' into gear). 

luckily, the nice folks over at gaiamtv.com asked me to test out their new monthly subscription program! 

*the potential for not becoming a couch potato in the winter of 2011/2012 does exist!*

instead of repeatinig the same yoga dvd at home, i was able to try out a bunch of different teachers and even explore some yoga-related topics (which made me feel less bad about vegging on my couch), like ayurveda.

one of my favorite teachers on their roster has to be kathryn budig, and she has a variety of videos that range from a quick 5-minuter to a 45 minute sweaty sequence.  other categories that i found myself exploring included metaphysica and spirituality.

plus, you can stream these videos from your computer, your ipad or iphone/ipod (via a free app). the android and tv streaming options are coming soon.  i tried it on my laptop and my ipod and both worked great! so you can take them on the road with you - all you need is the internet and gaiam tv is at your fingertips.

the yogadeal: at just $9.95 a month, with no contracts, you get a full month of unlimited yoga on gaiamtv.com, which ends up being cheaper than most yoga classes in nyc.  i consider it a great solution if you still need to gift someone, or are gearing up for an agressive new year's resolution. the no contract part is huge for me since i can opt in and out on a monthly basis depending on how cold it is outside or if i have a lot of travel plans on the horizon.  and if you still need a better reason to try it out, click here for a free 10 day trial.