butta up your bod (or help for weatherizing your skin)

as the calendar takes a turn for colder temps in nyc, the dry heat inside the yoga studio and the chilly weather outside, make it super important for keeping your skin hydrated.  as you may have guessed, i opt for the most natural products i can find that work, and of course are affordable.

everyday shea moisturizing lotion (unscented), bottled up in a 32-ounce size, is enriched with natural, unrefined (think like whole food - nonprocessed) ingredients, including the super moisturizing shea butter, plus, it's paraben-free.  i find it perfect for moisturizing post-shower, since it's light weight and absorbs into the skin.  (insider tip - you're skin's like a wet sponge when you get out of the shower, making it the best time to soak up the most moisture.)  but perhaps the best feel-good part about the lotion is that it is fairly traded and empowers the community of togo in west africa.

the yogadeal:  normally $13.99 for the 32-ounce bottle (with a sharing-friendly pump), is 30% off at $9.79 on iHerb.com