$20 gumby-esque watch so uber bendy yogis can keep track of time

due to a personal allergy to metal (read: i can't really wear any kind of metal jewelry - yes, silver and gold included; i have yet to try platinum, so donations are welcomed and accepted), i have been on the hunt for a practical and inexpensive, non-metal option. 

today i found my solution:  pixelmoda, a brand that specializes in funky watches that look like they are from the future (or maybe just japan...). 

the watches come in a variety of colors (even one that glows in the dark) and are made of rubbery silicone, so it's like wearing a hair-tie on your wrist (read:  my daily piece of jewelry).  plus, they are waterproof, meaning no more slowing down your shower routine when you are the run after squeezing in a yoga session on your lunch break.


the yogadeal:  for $20 you can get an exercise-friendly, no frills watch.  pixelmoda watches are available in 3 sizes for better wrist-fit compatibility and if you buy 2 via pixelmoda.com, shipping is free!