priti pedi

as yoginis, our tootsies are always in clear view when we're on the mat or prancing around the studio pre and post class, so although open-toed shoe season may be coming to a close, well kempt feet are seasonless in the yoga world.

here are some facts that can be scary if you are just learning about the dangers of how ugly the beauty world can be. 

  • your skin and nails are like sponges - absorbing something like 60% of what is put on them, including the chemicals that are commonly found in nail polish.
  • many nail polishes contain three evil doers - toluene (a product created during the process of making gasoline and known to effect the nervous system), formaldehyde (yes, formaldehyde - the known carcinogen) and DBP (a phalate - a plasticizer - which can effect the health of your liver).

and so, if you combine these two facts... by using nail polish with these known evil doers you could be absorbing chemicals that damage your liver and nervous system and one that causes cancer.

now, although polish-free toes are definitely the healthiest way to go, life in color always seems more fun.  luckily there are some brands out there that are safer to use (read: no evil doers on their ingredient list).  priti nyc is one of the first polishes out there that offers the good looks without the scary side effects. 


the yogadeal:  since it's fashion week in nyc, priti nyc is offering 20% off, just use the code:  'pritinycfashionweek.' stock up now, because like fashion week, you only have until september 17th.