sun protection in a soap for only 6 bucks

with the final days of summer approaching there is still a chance to take your yoga practice outdoors.  if you are like me, applying lotions might not always be top-of-mind in your daily shower-and-jet outt the door routine, which can result in the sunscreen being the product left behind (and then it becomes a story of too little too late...).  luckily, kabana skin care has created, sunsei, the moisturizing uv protection soap (there's also a shower gel if you're not a bar fan)!  this sun-shielding soap is made with all natural ingredients - all of which you can pronounce without a chemistry degree.


the yogadeal:  simply wash-and-go, for just $6 a bar you'll be shielded with your first layer of uv defense from head-to-toe when you step out of the shower.  if you plan to party outside for hours also grab some of the kabana's green screen (also only $6 for the 1oz tube making it totable for travel).