indie tunes for your ultimate yoga playlist

to playlist or not to playlist... that is the yoga class question.  music can vary vastly from chants to modern day pop and some prefer no music at all.  for me, i prefer tunes on most days.

some of my go-to artists for my yoga playlist include:

while in search of new and noteworthy adds to my music collection, i recently stumbled upon paste magazine, a real-life glossy and online pub, that offers some great tunes for easy listening and yoga asana flowing.... they even offer a nice freebie sampler widget, mixing up a new playlist each month.  the sampler widget lets you listen to the whole song (take that itunes) before you commit. 

the yogadeal:  download or play the sampler while you're practicing some yoga moves, then support the artists in our world who made them magical and fork over the $1 per song.

who's on your list?