yoga deals for nyc

not to be nyc-centric, but i do live here, so i think i have a right to be (well, at least sometimes).  here are some current local deals for my fellow new yorkers, because living in nyc can be really spendy without a good deal.

free next generation yoga classes for kids
Jodi Komitor, the founder of Next Generation Yoga (NGY), is hosting a teacher training The Breathing Project in Manhattan.  As part of the intensive, Jodi will be hosting demo classes for the teachers-in-training to observe. (read the rest...)

fall yoga teacher trainings & continuing yoga ed in nyc
If you get nostalgic about starting school again when September begins to creep in, leaving August as just a hot and hazy memory, try marrying your studious yearnings with yoga! (read the rest...)

early bird yoga for cheap cheap
The early bird gets the worm, but the early rising yogi gets to enjoy the beautiful sunlight and the affordable pricing at Strala's airy studio. (read the rest...)


do you know of other deals?  let me (and everyone) know!  leave the deets as a comment to this post or email!