yogi's (un)block

unlike writer's block, a yoga block is an extremely useful prop for helping to move you deeper into your poses.  and trust me, props aren't for wimps.

here are some great ways for your yoga block to assist you in your practice:

  1. restorative bridge - place the block beneath you sacrum (choose whichever level is most comfortable), then let gravity do the work
  2. active headstand - place the block longways between your thighs while you hug your thighs into your midline so that you can eventually hover both legs off the ground at the same time and then hinge up, with control, into a headstand
  3. perched crow - get some more lift in your crow pose by starting with your feet perched on the block, then see if the extra lift will help you soar.

the yogadeal:  for $15 you can now enjoy eco-friendly, light weight bamboo blocks thanks to prana's end of season sale (regularly $25/block).