7-8 course veggie dinner for only $10 in nyc

after nadya's ayurvedic intro at the strala intensive, i remembered that a few of my friends were recently raving about this inexpensive, ayurvedic cooking class they took, so i nudged and got the details to share... (translation?  today's yoga deal)

the cooking classes are held in nyc's east village with a lovely woman named divya (yes this is the same name as the character on royal pains, so it might be easier to remember now - at least those who watch, i do... um does anyone else?).  divya teaches a variety of classes including vegan, vegetarian, raw and ayurvedic.  

if you're more into sampling (or want to see the final product, before you commit), join divya this sunday for her veggie party which features vegetarian cooking prepared by her students!  a 7-8 course meal for only $10 is definitely yogadeals-worthy especially if you're all tuckered out after a jam-packed weekend.

the veggie party
rsvp by friday, 7/23 (email:  divya.alter@gmail.com)
bhakti cafe (25 1st avenue) 
sunday, 7/25 at 6:30pm

be there and come hungry.