multi-tasking wardrobe pieces for yoga in the summer

although naked yoga is an option, it's not for everyone, even when the hot days of summer tempt us to strip down to our skivvies.

before you open your wallet, open your wardrobe, you may be surprised to find that you are already equipped for summer (yoga) school.

multi-tasking (already in your) wardrobe pieces for yoga in the summer:

  1. survey your swimsuits - look for your more modest pieces that might not scream sexy, but do provide ample coverage to avoid the nip-slip & private peek-a-boos (you never know where the yogarazzi will be lurking). one pieces tend to keep all of your bits in place, better than than itsy bitsy bikinis.

  2. bike your way to bakasana bottoms - form-fitting bike shorts can also double as yoga shorts. if you tend to get sweaty limbs during your practice, opt for longer (think: capri or bermuda length) shorts to provide some grip when you are working on arm balancing poses.

  3. cover up for savasana - get more life out of your beach cover up by toting it with you to practice for light coverage during savasana to help regulate your body temperature (which tends to drop when in this resting pose).

lastly, remember that although enjoying the sunshine is a wonderful part of summer, it can be strong, so always slather on the sunscreen before you suit up for the day - & then bring some with you to reapply during the day. (hint: the spf # indicates how many minutes you have of sun protection before you need to reapply - so if you are planning on a 60-minute asana - opt for 70 instead of the 15.)