yoga notes

nothing beats a heartfelt message in your mailbox - as in your snail mailbox. as much of our communication these days is electronic whether that be via texting or email, it always seems so much more personal if you are able to send a letter utilizing your own penmanship because let's face it, you'll either delete an email (or it will drown in your inbox), but you'll keep a card. so make your elementary school teachers proud & bring a smile to a friend's face with a little yoga note.

here are some possible topics to get your pen flowing:

  • life updates
  • invite a friend to a yoga class (or teach him/her one - a private lesson between two friends)
  • an inspirational quote
  • a recipe for a great dish or a yoga sequence!
(other ideas for topics? please post them in the comments, i'd love to know!)

the yogadeal: for just $2 (+ a first-class stamp) you can send someone a little joy. this card set comes in a pack of 6 for $12!