spring sole cleansing

spring means warmer muscles, less bulky layers to tote & 86'ing the need for closed-toe shoes - yes, flip flop season has arrived! but after you flip off your flops take a quick peak at your soles - as in the bottoms of your feet - for mysterious grime & debris that managed to get embedded on your way to the yoga studio. try some instant cleaners that pack easily in your bag when you can't get a foot bath in to avoid mucking up your mat.

here are two natural options that help fight the funk, dirt & smell delicious too without artificial or harmful ingredients:

for lavender lovers try eo sanitizing wipes ($0.89 per single wipe). these single packs are handy if you are traveling light (although that means more for the wastelands). rest assured the alcohol is organic, which means it's non-gmo & helps support sustainable agriculture.

if you prefer to see the world through rose-colored glasses, get floral with shobha rosewater freshening cloths ($9.00 for a 10-count pouch). the bundle of wipes are still thin enough for easy travel, just make sure you toss the cloths in the trash (not the toilet) when you've finished cleansing your soiled soles.

the yogadeal: remember your foundation is important, so take good care of your tootsies! at the very least pack a damp washcloth in a baggie to cleanse your feet & keep your mat clean.