yogis get jerky

success! a new treasure is found on the hunt for snacks that will curb pre (or post)-class hunger that is gentle for digesting & doesn't add the fullness that can make you dread twisting poses. primal spirit food offers a variety of vegan jerkies with some delicious flavors. while most of the jerkies are made with seitan or soy, a yogadeals fave is the hot & spicy jerky which is made with shiitake mushrooms. all of the flavors offer protein but no GMOs or MSG. these jerkies are a pleasant surprise, especially when if you have a personal disgust for sticks of meat known to the layperson as slim jims (even before going veg... just sayin').

the yogadeal: primal strips are available locally in singles for under $2 so you can test out the flavors before committing to a 24-pack for about $22.