everyone could use a lil boogie in their daily intentions

staying present, in the moment & ultimately remembering why exactly you are living that experience can be tough with all of the external & internal noise whelming us. try setting a daily intention for the day & writing it down in a place that you can go back to throughout the daily to help you stay mindful of it. tech-savvy, tree-hugging yogis can jot down thoughts on a boogie board lcd writing tablet (you can also hang it on the wall) - a paperless memo that still allows you to put your penmanship to use without the stench of those intoxicating dry erase markers (ok, sometimes they are fun to smell, but we're going for mental clarity here).

if you are feeling a writer's block coming on, why reinvent the wheel? take snippets of inspiration from books, songs, movies & other characters in your life & trying walking around with someone else's perspective for a day.

the yogadeal: for $35.00 you can purchase a boogie board, keeping your thoughts fresh, while never worrying about your pen running out of ink or getting high off marker fumes. the boogie board can also be great for to do lists, appointment reminders, or even writing out an asana sequence. the only down side is that the battery will need to be replaced after a year or two of use & the erase button at the top gives you a clean slate each time, so if you have important info on there, make sure you have it somewhere else before you press erase.

what's your favorite intention? (share 'em in comment section, purdy please.)